"As I give, I get."
~ Mary McLeod Bethune ~

For those wishing to donate items,
volunteer their services 
or if you have any questions,
please contact:

Elf Wendy
(aka Head Poobah, or as whispered
behind her back, "The General".
And not in a funny HA HA way, I might add :o)


Before you pick up that phone or send that e-mail, you may want to read the following testimonial from a Volunteer Elf who is undergoing
investigation by
 The General:
"Don’t be fooled by the outside niceties of this operation. The General who heads up this group of work bees is 
hard assed and unforgiving.
There is a hierarchy, as follows:
Job description: To ensure no-one steps out of line. Oversees the entire operation
Job description: The General’s worker bees. Naturally creative people may be able to move immediately into this position. However, others (Rebecca) may not reach this position until attempting a few or more baskets (many, many more if you are creatively handicapped like Rebecca). The General’s quality control is quite daunting, as only the best will be accepted.
Challenger Sergeant
Job description: At times throughout the operation, a sergeant may temporarily move in to the role of being brave enough to challenge the General. This position doesn’t usually last too long.
Job description: They want to be creative Sergeants. With time and experience the General will decide if they can move into the Sergeant position.
Causes for demotion from Sergeant to Underling:
-if a candy cane is omitted from the basket
-if the basket is found to be tippy
-if you are skinnier than the General
(Actually, if you are guilty of this unforgivable faux pas, you may not be invited back…ever! Don’t be disheartened though, as you have a full year to pack on the pounds and may be given a second chance.)"

Anonymous Elf
(currently in the Santa's Helpers' Witness Protection Program)  

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