It all started with chocolate donations from
Cinnamon's Chocolates (
in North Vancouver:

The first evening was spent organizing all the bags and boxes that were donated:

The second evening was spend assembling all the hard work of the first crew. Here is a photo of the second shift crew inside of the U-Haul before we all got to work to fill it up:


And various photos of the evening as it unfolded:

Some elves taking a much needed break from the sweat shop:

All our efforts combined and stored in the U-Haul for delivery the next day:

Delivery to the North Shore Crisis Services Society:

Delivery to the North Shore Women's Centre:

Delivery to the Lookout Emergency Aid Society:

Delivery to the Harvest Project:

Delivery to the Turning Point Recovery Society:

Delivery to Harbour Light in East Vancouver: 

And finally, Wendy the Elf doing a happy dance 
because we are DONE!

"If you have much, give of your wealth;
if you have little, give of your heart." 
~ Arabic Proverb ~



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